Cost, not quality, keeps students from CCM Café


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The Student Community Center’s Café serves breakfast, lunch and dinner to County College of Morris students, but many are balking at the price.

The café offers basic Italian or American cuisine, but many students can’t afford to buy a full meal there. Usually a pizza, fried chicken patty or hamburger is the only affordable option.

According to assistant manager Amy Lopez, the Café has a rich and delicious menu that includes, among other items, “ healthy soups, prepared sandwiches and wraps, pasta bar, fresh fruits and salad bar rotated with fresh stuff every day, pizzas and burgers,” Lopez said. They also have plenty of pastries, yogurts, and healthy snacks.

Yet, the price is an issue for many students. “Price is a bit high” said Pierre Paul, CCM student, “the soda is expensive and it’s not even good for you, they could add more healthy stuff to the lunch menu, the only thing I get here is the pizza and it’s tasty, but they do not have any fresh squeezed juices to choose from.” A bottle of water is $1.99, milk $2.19, Naked (bottled fruit or greens juice) $3.99.

Andrew Carpenter, a member of CCM’s Asian Student Association, said he was rather cautious about the food on the shelves, especially the pre-wrapped sandwiches. “I just don’t know how long its been on the shelf,” Carpenter said. It was not mentioned on the menu whether the meats served were organic or if the fruits and vegetables were “farmer” fresh.

Besides, the school is known to have a multicultural population. Many students may be vegetarian or may want meals with rice at the center stage. These students buy takeouts from local restaurants off campus or bring their own. “I buy my lunch outside”, said Connie Chen, a liberal arts student.

The Café might not be a culinary nirvana, but it provides healthy foods for CCM’s community. Yet, many students would cheer a menu and price makeover.